Water And Foam Monitors

Water and foam monitors are one of the fire equipment that is used to deliver the required and correct amount of water or foam from the safe distance to the risky or affected area as soon as possible in high-risk, unobservable, often large or large fires.


It provides high performance in fire extinguishing and stopping stages. It can be used by fixing to more than one area in fires that need to be intervened for a long time or in large areas, as well as it can be easily mounted with portable monitors from any angle.


Foam Monitors control the horizontal and vertical directions of large capacity agent flow. Water oscillating monitors automatically move side by side using water pressure as the energy source. Remote monitors use an electric lever to control the horizontal, vertical and flow pattern. Other monitors can also be operated manually by using an armrest or turning wheel.


Including manual, FJM (high flow rate) and aspiration (preferred when direct foam use is required), non-aspirated (non-aspirated fog / jet nozzles are preferred in industrial areas), including monitor nozzles and AFN air suction nozzles, including oscillating water Many monitor models are available.


Usage Areas:


Chemical Factories

Solvent and Hydrocarbon Storage Areas

Paint Production and Storage Areas

Solid Material Warehouses and Manufactures

Shelving Storage Areas

Generator and Engine Test Rooms

Cable and Installation Galleries

Energy Production Areas

Generator Rooms

Aircraft & Helicopter Hangars

Ship Engineers and Cargo Areas

Industrial Plants



Water Monitors:


Aluminum Body Water Monitor with Fog Cap

Water Monitor with Fog Cap Bronze Body

Aluminum Flat Water Monitor

Bronze Body Water Monitor

1’’60 MT Drum Water Monitor

Portable Water Monitor

Stationary Water Monitor

Monitor Nozzle


Foam Makers:


High Expansion Foam Maker

Dip Foam Launch

Heavy Foam Inserts

Operated Joint Foam Launch

Foam Generators

Mobile Foam Unit

1 ’’ Foam Generator

Foam Maker